bezels are often asked about the different styles of Chrome Bezels or Transceiver front panels. We will show the most popular Bezels and start with the original Cobra 148 GTL-DX Chrome Bezel, which is the same as the Superstar 360 FM and Transceiver MKV Bezel. The picture below shows a Transceiver MKV/148/360 Bezel, notice the Bezel front, top and side are totally flat or smooth.


On the reverse side or back of the original Cobra 148 GTL-DX Bezel 
(MK1 & MK2) is shown below. 
The Part Number is stamped into the Bezel is:
UT - 505A     M2-03957-2


Next we show the Superstar 3900 Chrome Bezel, made by RANGER Electronics. Other than subtle dimension differences the 3900 Bezel is almost identical to the 148 Bezel. A notable difference is the inclusion of a ridge or 'step' around the Bezel front edge or frame. The step is visible on the below Superstar 3900 picture. Compare it to the 148/360/MKV Bezel pictured above.


On the reverse side or back of the original Superstar 3900 Bezel is shown below.
The Part Number stamped into the Bezel is:
RANGER        PT148N010A


The third style of Chrome Bezel is found on the Connex 4800 DXL-E type Transceivers. This Bezel has the ridge or step 'halfway' across the Bezel surround, see below.



The latest style of Chrome Bezel (2003) is on the Cobra 200 GTL-DX. This is more like the 148 Bezel with no step, the Bezel corners are gently rounded and curved-in towards the Electroluminescent Face Plate and looks really retro.



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