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Cobraworxshopz Technicians offer Advanced Tuning options for several Radio Transceivers.

Designed to increase the dynamic performance and potential of all stages within the Transceivers electronics, Cobraworxshopz Technicians utilise the latest RF Test equipment for repair diagnosis and tuning requirements. Our Technicians currently use the Marconi (AeroFlex) IFR 2945B Communications Monitor/Spectrum Analyser.


Tuning and Calibration Service Technicians offer an unprecedented Service of aligning Transceivers to exacting specifications and have perfected the art of Advanced Tuning Transmitter, Receiver I.F and PLL electronic stages.   

The Cobraworxshopz Back2Spec tuning Service includes PLL (phased Locked Loop) Receiver and Transmitter alignment in accordance with the original Factory Specification.

Screwdriver "Experts"

One major problem with all classic Multimode Transceivers is that over the years most of them have been 'Peeked n Tweeked' by various owners and Screwdriver "Experts" alike. Very few Transceivers Technicians inspect is actually within Manufacturer specifications. (FM Dev, SSB Offset Frequency, RF Bias, etc) 


The original Cobra and Superstar Transceivers are designed to work over a maximum of two Megaherts range. When the Transceiver is Modified to accomodate extra frequencies (26-30Mhz) the VCO variable crystal oscillator is not capable of covering the now four Megaherts required. Technicians have developed a Modification to increase the VCO potential to allow expanded Frequency coverage.



"I.F. GAIN"  
Modification Technicians are experts at I.F. (Intermediate Frequency) Gain improvements. We offer a huge leap forward in Dynamic gain figures of the I.F. stages for the Cobra 148 GTL-DX, Superstar 360 FM Transceivers and most UNIDEN based Chassis Transceivers without generating any additional receiver 'Floor' noise. 

The Cobraworxshopz I.F Gain mod includes in the price High-Spec electronic component installation and Tuning by our skilled Technicians.

Hear weaker DX Stations

Once the I.F.Gain Modification is completed the Transceiver will 'Hear' weaker stations, such as mobile or DX and contest stations much better. The Selectivity or "Bleed-over" is NOT affected by this Modification, so the Transceiver retains it's 'Bullet Proof' Front-End receiver.

 I.F. Modification typically see a 4-6db Gain improvement on most Transceivers when this multi-component modification is performed. The components are only part of the Modification because if you want excellent performance, then clever I.F. tuning is required. Technicians use the latest Marconi (Aeroflex) IFR 2945B Communications Monitor for alignment.



SS-3900 Partial Re-Build















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